Childcarers should never accept a job from anyone they have not met in person.

Meeting Safely
When meeting for the first time we strongly recommend that both parties meet in a safe public place such as a coffee shop. Always tell someone else when and where you are going to meet.

Protecting Yourself From Scams
Unfortunately online scams are a real threat and you should always be cautious. Some scammers target childcarers by offering money up front to care for a child ‘not currently in the country’ or ‘travelling from abroad shortly’.
If a job offer seems suspicious, for example advance payment is offered without checks having been completed, we advise caution.

Payments sent or received to/from other Members
You should never accept payment from any member you have not met in person. A common online scam involves fraudsters sending cheques or wiring money to individuals who then request that you send the money back or use the money to buy goods to send back in the post. Similarly, you should never send money to any person you have not met in person. Do not supply your personal information, or make a payment to someone, unless you have verified their identity.

Password Safety
We recommend all our members protect their log in details and passwords and do not share them with others. Your computer, mobile device or web browser may ask you if you wish to save your login details. For security reasons, to prevent unauthorised access to your account by anyone who may have access to your computer or mobile device, we advise against storing passwords.
If members lose or misplace their password, they can use our online password reminder service. If your email account is hacked, we advise members to reset their password to ensure continued online safety.

Members Checks and Other Research

Alongside all these precautions we strongly recommend that all parents who use our site take responsibility for carrying out their own thorough checks on childcarers before leaving them with their children. We have not verified the qualifications and references provided by childcarers.
Similarly, we remind childcarers that they should carry out their own checks on parents and their families before meeting them and always inform a friend of where you are going and how long you are likely to be if they have arranged an interview outside the home. Additionally you should never hand over sensitive personal data or documents until you are satisfied you are dealing with a legitimate agency or parent.

Report any Concerns
It's really important that if you have any concerns about anyone using our platform that you report them to us as quickly as possible.
In England you can report any concerns about an Ofsted registered childcare provider or school to Ofsted or by calling 0300 123 1231.
In Wales you can report any concerns about a registered childcare provider to CSSIW or by calling 0300 7900 126.
In Scotland you can report any concerns about a registered childcare provider to the Care Inspectorate or by calling 0345 600 9527.

If you have any immediate concerns about your safety or the safety of a child or another person then you should call the Police using the emergency services number 999.

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